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The Mingle Quest


Do you want to make the corporate mixer more relaxed and enjoyable?

Do you want your employees to meet new people?

Many people are afraid of networking and prefer to stick with their coworkers rather than initiating small talk with strangers. . What if the mixer was a lot of fun, and everyone was more involved and chatty as a result?

The Mingle Quest is a fun way for individuals to interact with one another.

Teams participate in a variety of brief, enjoyable activities while socialising with other teams. The goal is to get points and win by collaborating successfully and meeting new individuals.


Bond and get to know each other

Collaborate and solve tricky challenges

Find hidden codes under time pressure

Be creative and build stuff

Get To Know Each Other

Fun questions to get to know each other.


Everybody say hello and use ONE word to describe your personality. Record each of your words below.

If you could have any famous person over for dinner, alive or dead, who would it be, and why?

If you were on a TV quiz show, what would be your specialist subject and why? Discuss in your group and list them below.

What is your life motto?

Share any hidden talents

What makes you laugh the most?

Collaborate and Solve Tricky Challenges


High Five as many people as you can in the room

Find the other half to your puzzle – another team has the other half to your puzzle

Logo Lovin’ - Draw a logo that you really love on a sticky label and put it on your shirt. Then, walk around and share with others why you love it.

Props – Use the props to act out a film or song

What Happens Next?

Find hidden codes around the venue under time pressure and decipher them

Be Creative and Build Stuff


Build something out of lego that relates to the topic of the meeting

Use Customised Jenga to build a tower or use sponge fingers

How It Works

In our Face to Face Games, your team will collaborate to solve intricate puzzles, uncover hidden clues, and ultimately complete the escape quest. With a thrilling blend of mystery and excitement, players will be fully engaged as they navigate through challenges and work together to unravel the secrets that lie within.

To begin, our game organizer will introduce participants to the game instructions and story. Teams will have one hour to complete their chosen escape quest. For each puzzle, submit the correct answer to proceed to the next clue, and solve the mystery.

The goal is to complete the escape game in the least amount of time possible. If there are multiple teams, stick around for a winner reveal at the end!

This game is for teams looking for a casual, puzzle-solving experience that is not knowledge based.

Community Love

Jake E

SR Accountant

"The virtual cooking challenge added a unique flavor to our team dynamics!"

Petersen V


"Couldn't have asked for a better way to connect our remote workforce."

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