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Star Wars 
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Jedi Survival: Escaping Order 66 - A Galactic Puzzle Adventure

The shroud of the Dark Side has fallen. Order 66 has commenced, you and your team of Jedi must survive and escape.

While training in a remote planet your Clone Troopers suddenly turned against you. Now you must work as a team to defeat the Troopers and escape the trap filled planet.

Test your Jedi skills to solve puzzles from Master Yoda, find your Lightsaber and unlock secret galactic paths. Be careful! If you fail to answer the puzzles correctly the clone troopers will catch up and capture one of you. This game requires problem solving, team work and Jedi knowledge.

How It Works

In our virtual escape room, your team will collaborate to solve intricate puzzles, uncover hidden clues, and ultimately complete the escape quest. With a thrilling blend of mystery and excitement, players will be fully engaged as they navigate through challenges and work together to unravel the secrets that lie within.

To begin, our game organizer will introduce participants to the game instructions and story. Teams will have one hour to complete their chosen escape quest. For each puzzle, submit the correct answer to proceed to the next clue, and solve the mystery.

The goal is to complete the escape game in the least amount of time possible. If there are multiple teams, stick around for a winner reveal at the end!

This game is for teams looking for a casual, puzzle-solving experience that is not knowledge based.

Community Love

Rebecca B

Recruitment Administrator

"Impressive variety of games that catered to different preferences and strengths."

Arkin G

Sales Supervisor

"The star wars escape game was amazing – perfect team bonding!"

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