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As a prominent player in the world of team building activities and corporate games, we take pride in our wide range of offerings. Our portfolio includes virtual, hybrid, and in-person team activities, all expertly facilitated by our remote hosts. Many of our hosts are accomplished actors, adding an elevated level of engagement to every interaction.

Why Virtual Staff Engagement?

Our Experiences...

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Promote better teamwork, especially for remote teams, leading to increased productivity and project success.

Increased Employee Engagement

Improve motivation, job satisfaction, and loyalty, ultimately enhancing the overall work experience for employees.

Flexibility and Inclusivity

Offering virtual, hybrid, and in-person options, Virtual Staff Engagement ensures all team members can participate, regardless of their location.

Improved Employee Well-being

Our activities provide a welcome break from work, reducing stress and contributing to a positive workplace culture, leading to reduced burnout and greater job satisfaction.

About Our Founder

Gamify to Thrive: Georgie Mann's Fun-tastic Pandemic Pivot

Gamify to Thrive: Georgie Mann's Fun-tastic Pandemic Pivot Georgie Mann is the heart and soul of our company. Prior to the pandemic, Georgie ran a thriving gamification franchise, specialising in delivering teambuilding and business games on a global scale. However, when the pandemic disrupted the traditional business landscape, Georgie's commitment to her clients and her innovative spirit shone brightly.

Encouraged by loyal clients, she swiftly pivoted towards creating and delivering virtual teambuilding and employee engagement programmes. With unwavering determination, Georgie's business has not only weathered the storm but has flourished, going from strength to strength. Georgie's commitment to her number one personal core value, "fun," is at the heart of her success in crafting and delivering engaging teambuilding and business games, making her a perfect fit for this dynamic industry.

Why Virtual Staff Engagement?

We Love Inspiring Happy Customers

Why Virtual Staff Engagement?
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We Love Inspiring Happy Customers

We've had the privilege of partnering with companies like Momentum South West and Farche Solutions to revolutionise their virtual staff engagement. By blending creativity and innovation, we've sparked a new wave of enthusiasm among employees. Through tailored strategies and our proprietary platform, we helped them foster a sense of unity among its remote teams, transcending geographical boundaries. Our commitment to redefining virtual staff engagement has empowered these companies to cultivate vibrant work cultures where team members, feel truly valued and connected.

Our Values

We are Virtual Staff Engagement

Value-Centric Culture

At our company, Virtual Staff Engagement (VSE) fosters a client-centric culture by promoting values like teamwork, respect, and innovation. We ensure our virtual staff align with these core values, delivering better service to clients.

Seamless Client Connection

Seamless Client Connection is central to our VSE strategy. We invest in tools and initiatives that keep virtual staff connected with teams and clients through regular meetings and open communication channels.

Empowerment, Growth, and Client Success

Empowerment, Growth, and Client Success define our VSE philosophy. We provide resources and opportunities for our virtual team members to excel personally and professionally, ensuring exceptional results for clients.