Virtual Staff Engagement


A Collaborative Success: Change Corporation And Virtual Staff Engagement Empower Local Council’s Staff Engagement Programme

Change Corporation is pleased to provide this review of our collaborative efforts with Virtual Staff Engagement in delivering an exceptional staff engagement programme for our client, a local council. This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration and showcases how our combined expertise has positively impacted our client’s organisation.

The staff engagement programme we implemented, in collaboration with Virtual Staff Engagement, has been an overwhelming success. Through our joint efforts, we have created a dynamic and inclusive environment that has significantly enhanced the local council’s workforce engagement and overall organisational culture.

Change Corporation’s experience and proficiency in designing and executing staff engagement initiatives have proven invaluable throughout the project. Our tailored approach ensured that the programme was customised to meet the specific needs and objectives of our client, the local council. By leveraging our expertise, we were able to develop a comprehensive strategy that addressed key areas of employee engagement.

Virtual Staff Engagement played a pivotal role in the success of this programme. Their exceptional skills in digital survey design enabled us to gather valuable insights into the council employees’ perceptions, opinions, and suggestions. The user-friendly interface and comprehensive survey questions facilitated accurate data collection, allowing us to gain a deep understanding of the workforce’s sentiments and identify areas for improvement.

The digital focus groups created by Virtual Staff Engagement provided a collaborative platform for open discussions among the council’s employees. Their expertise in moderating and utilising interactive tools created an environment that encouraged active participation, idea-sharing, and team building. These sessions were instrumental in fostering a stronger sense of unity and camaraderie within the organisation.

Additionally, the management feedback session, conducted by Change Corporation, proved to be a significant milestone. This session enabled the council’s leadership to receive direct feedback from employees, fostering transparent communication, and facilitating effective solutions to address concerns. The constructive feedback received during this session has contributed to a positive and proactive approach to employee engagement.

We commend Virtual Staff Engagement for their adaptability and professionalism in navigating the virtual environment. Despite the challenges posed by remote interactions, our collaboration ensured seamless execution, creating a warm and engaging atmosphere for all participants.

The successful collaboration between Change Corporation and Virtual Staff Engagement has resulted in a transformative staff engagement programme for the local council. We are privileged to have played a part in fostering a more engaged and motivated workforce, ultimately contributing to the council’s overall success.

We proudly recommend Virtual Staff Engagement to any organisation seeking a partner with expertise in staff engagement programmes. Their collaborative approach, professionalism, and innovative solutions are instrumental in driving positive change within organisations.

We extend our gratitude to Virtual Staff Engagement for their outstanding contribution to this project. Our collaboration has set a benchmark for successful staff engagement initiatives, and we look forward to future opportunities to partner together.