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Get ready for a spooktacular time like never before with our Halloween Virtual Games – where thrills, chills, and virtual thrills await you!

Embark on thrilling adventures, solving puzzles and unraveling mysteries with friends through our captivating virtual escape games.

Immerse yourself in a world of engaging virtual experiences that bring entertainment, learning, and fun right to your screen.

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Halloween Games

From £20

Embrace the Halloween spirit as you dive into this hair-raising twist on the classic TV game show. Gather your teams for a ghoulishly good time.

From £20
Halloween Emoji Game

A fun, fast-paced game where teams have to guess what the emojis are representing, all related to Halloween.

From £20
Zombie Mall

Zombie Mall Escape is an adrenaline-pumping, survival-themed adventure. With limited time and resources, you'll need to solve puzzles, outsmart the undead, and work together with fellow players to find the keys to your salvation.

Escape Games

From £20

Alter History in the Back to the Future Escape Game! Team up, solve puzzles, and rewrite time to save the future.

From £20
Landing On The Moon

Embark on Mission Moonwalk: A Space Survival Challenge! Crash-land on the moon, strategize with your team to choose the right items for a 200-mile trek to safety.

From £20
Outsmarting The AI

It is your responsibility, along with your team, to prevent the AI from seizing control of all the computers worldwide and subjugating humanity.

Virtual Activities

From £20

Engage in the Catchphrase Showdown, a dynamic animated guessing game with a competitive twist!

From £20
Believe It Or Not

Prepare to be amazed, shocked, and challenged! Join the VSE Believe It or Not! game - the ultimate test of knowledge and teamwork.

From £20
Music And Movies

Dive into the ultimate Music and Movies Game - a captivating interactive experience! Challenge yourself naming artists, tunes, actors, and films.

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HR Supervisor

Virtual Staff Engagement's virtual activities brought a refreshing twist to teambuilding, making remote interactions truly enjoyable and meaningful.

Camille H.

People Ops Manager

With Virtual Staff Engagement, distance was no barrier to our team's unity - their virtual teambuildings forged stronger connections across our remote workforce.

John J.

Director of People and Culture

Innovative, interactive, and impactful - Virtual Staff Engagement's virtual staff activities are a game-changer for any company embracing remote work.